Why do you need healing?

posted on November 1st 2015 in Healing with 0 Comments

Why do you need healing?

There is a strange resistance to healing by people even the very ill; like there is a comfort in the status quo that change even for the better will take away. Yet everything is changing all the time. Healing is in a fact a tool to allow change for the better. Most people want change for the better. The pain only comes by holding on to energy past its sell by date. The challenge is to take the foot off the brake, trust the Universal forces and go with the flow even into unchartered water.

People are curious and love to know every detail, this is a trick of the ego and the intellect and actually makes letting go more difficult and slows down the healing process. The lucky people are the people who trust the Universe completely and go with the flow easily. I call it the ‘water off a duck’s back’ technique. At its simplest it is turning your light on and shining your light,. This means living from your heart space and humbling your mind, intellect and ego.

Understand that only you can heal your body, mind or soul. You are the power of healing, it runs through your body with every breath you take. Your immune system and your heart are the instruments of healing. Talk to them as you would to someone you love they are intelligent loving healing forces in your physical body.

Counsel and marshall your thoughts; do not believe every thought that comes into your head, choose your thoughts and stories wisely and kindly for yourself. Take care what you listen to and believe, trust your gut, make the best choices for yourself alone. Be aware and guard your boundaries. This is all self healing. It is an inside job that requires you to nourish your relationship with yourself.

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