Lee Carroll & Jane Donald

Jane Donald helps facilitate Sacred tours around Ireland since 2013 and other parts of the world for example Peru & Bolvia, Turkey, Canada, USA, Northern Ireland. Memorable Sacred Tours have included working with Lee Carroll & Kryon and Monika Muranyi; Cindy Smith; Michelle Karén; Nancy Rebecca; Angela Blaha; Monique Ledet MacDonald; Sergio Malqui and Pablo Scornik; Özgül Gezer and Goksu Gunay Ogut and finally Maria O’Farrell Carr!
If you would like to invite Jane Donald to visit your group or area please email her on Visiting areas of high spiritual energy; these tours consist of learning about anything from sacred site and circle ceremony, shamanic practices of light,aligning with the sun, the moon and the stars, grounding, readings and land healings. Fun & laughs are always present! Workshops, ceremonies and one to one appointments are part of the offering.