Letterkenny, Derry & Inishowen 20-22 January 2017


Jane was invited to Donegal by a fellow therapist Ruth Cather.
Ruth says about her meeting with Jane, “Jane radiates true authenticity and integrity her vibration and frequency of connection to source energy is second to none. In 25 years in energy healing meeting Jane has been a defining moment for me. She gave, not only guidance to a solution which materialised instantly, but access to energy to create something better than I could imagine.”

“Down to earth and with precise guidance, Jane Donald speaks with unique clarity. In my experience, she spoke directly to me and gave me guidance that worked immediately. Her insights into energy and health are to be experienced! I recommend friends to make a date to meet Jane on her visit this month.” says Kathleen O’Hara Farren, one of the event co-ordinators.


Talk and Q&A
Radisson Blue Hotel

Talk and Q&A
St. Columb’s Park House

Participatory event
Details upon request

Talk £15 / €18 / affordable donation
Personal Session £40 / €45
Discount available:
Talk & Personal Session
inclusive £47 / €55 booked
in advance – contact Ruth

Event Organisers: Ruth Cather and Kathleen O’Hara Farren
Contacts: Ruth (087) 4535001 and kathleen@theedgeschool.net
PR – contact Kathleen 0861211898


“I encourage anyone that can meet Jane to do so!  She was a jewel and a big highlight of the trip for me the last time through. She is down to earth, and promotes that we are all capable of tuning into our power. Jane has wisdom of Ireland that we all are drawn to learn about and soak in. If I were going back this time, I would jump at the chance to take a workshop with Jane; it would be a great beginning to a trip of a life time. Trust that this trip you are about to embark on will be one that you put on your list of treasures and one that you will be telling stories about for years to come!My heart and spirit will be with you all on this year’s trip. Love and Light!”

Jen Mueller – Canada