My 5 favourite sacred places in Berlin

posted on October 25th 2015 in Sacred Places with 0 Comments


I have of course more than 5 favourite spots in Berlin! But just for the fun here is my top 5 today….

1. Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral was a haven for me of a good sense vibration or what we call in Ireland ‘cop on’. Hard to define and a rare enough feeling. It’s the way a grandmother with the wise gentle words would speak to a child realising the sensitivity and innocence and the important honour she has of allowing the child’s wisdom and giving her own wisdom.

2. Friedrichswerder Church

I loved this space filled with sculpture as it seemed to me to be an awareness of the power of sound and its role in allowing light. Too profound to put into language but most like serenity.

3. Tiergarten – Sculpture Area Near Heinrich Gagern Strasse

When I visited this area was covered in blue and yellow flowers, the beauty of human art in harmony with Nature’s art. A place to remind us of the importance of self expression and creating our human environment in constant harmony with Nature.

4. Botanic Gardens

I came across a Green Man face and his animated character running the length of the tree trunk. It made my heart sing to see Nature communicate so vividly with me in such a tangible way. The Red squirrels were happy and mighty little power animals too just waiting for the person who knows to ask them for help!If you find yourself in a stressful situations ask the red squirrels to lighten it up for you.

5. Holocaust Memorial

For me I found this to be a tool to help a person stay in the present moment freed up from the past yet knowing, living and understanding the lessons from the past. Which to me was some achievement by the intention of the people behind the creation. A real wisdom and letting go. I often remember the feeling of that intention to stay in the moment.

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