How to open your Heart

posted on December 6th 2015 in Healing with 0 Comments

How to open your heart - Jane Donald

Being safe to open your heart is the challenge most people face when they start healing work or being a Lightworker. In a sense it is reverting to the innocence and joy of a very young child before they first experience a fright.

The constant challenge is to always choose love and forgiveness no matter what life experience one faces. It is important to remember you are doing it for yourself. You are forgiving, letting go, releasing for your benefit only, nobody elses. It is to make you feel better!

Likewise always choosing love is an act of self love which makes you feel better which is your number 1 priority. Self loving and forgiving people are happier, more self empowered, calm, peaceful and fulfilled.

Opening your heart is embracing the notion that the entire universe is within and that by allowing yourself your heart energy- you are helping the entire universe be heart energy and so you are at one with the universe.

The most powerful energy center of a human being is the heart by allowing yourself to be heart energy you are being as powerful as you can be and fulfilling your potential as a spiritual being in a physical body.

Take time every day -10 minutes is plenty  to close your eyes, sit comfortably and just focus and ask your heart energy to fill up your physical body and heal you. Then fill up your mind and emotions with heart energy. Calmness and wellbeing will follow, it has to! That is the power of your heart.

Talk regularly throughout the day to your heart, encourage your heart as you would a child, love and appreciate your heart, ask your heart for awareness and wellbeing. Develop a relationship with your heart this way and this releases your inner wisdom. Trust your heart.

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