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Jane Donald’s Sacred Ireland TOURS involve visits to some of Ireland’s most exciting gardens and plant lovers paradises as well as visits to stone circles, castles, ancient abbeys and monastic sites, dolmens, waterfalls and all the wonders that Ireland has to offer. The approach to the tours is to soak up the atmosphere of the land, water and magic elements of nature that are innate to Ireland and make Ireland such a magical place to be in and to visit again and again and again! An awareness of the shamanic practices of love and light can easily be understood and appreciated in Ireland such is the power of the earth energy in Ireland.

Places in Ireland Jane Donald

Places in Ireland-Jane Donald Jane Donald

What is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®)?

What is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®)?


“Meeting Jane Donald was a day I will never forget. Her instant “knowing” of each one of us as she autographed our copies of her book was astonishing. I have never seen anyone write so fast and so accurately in my life! In checking later with others, none of us had the same writing and each seemed so personal. How do you explain that? And we just briefly met her over lunch! The woman has to be seen to be believed, don’t miss the opportunity. Jane Donald is absolutely out of this world. It would be an honour to attend her workshop. The energy you will find in Ireland will change your life. It has mine.”

Trish N