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About Jane Donald

Jane Donald is an Author, Healer and Speaker from Ireland who specialises in energy work.


Jane is the Author of three healing books. Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland 1&2 and Heart and Light Berlin.


Having healed herself from a serious illness Jane helps to heal others. Calling on Reiki, IET and shamanic practices.


Speaking throughout the world Jane helps people to understand their own energy.

Jane Donald published her first book “Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland” in 2010 since then it has been a success and helped people from all round the world.

“These Sacred Messages are channelled through Jane Donald to be given to people who are ready to receive them. They are blessing for mankind and lessons for life.”

Jane Donald also published two more books  in 2015 called “Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland Vol. 2” and “Heart & Light Berlin”.

Jane Donald has been facilitating healing work since 2000, she uses many different disciplines to help peoples heal themselves. Jane Donald is a Reiki; Total Body Modification & Integrated Energy Therapy Master.

Her interest in the healing power of Sacred Sites and Nature to heal human beings came as a result of her own journey to wellness from serious illness which lead to the writing and photography of the books. The idea is to empower and enable people to connect to their inner power and appreciate their own life force using the Ancient Sacred sites in Ireland as healing tools and the earth force in Ireland as an aid and teacher.

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