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About Jane Donald

Jane Donald was born and still lives on a farm in County Carlow in the South East of Ireland. She went to The King’s Hospital school in Dublin and then completed a Business degree in the Dublin Institute of Technology Aungier Street; receiving a B.Sc (mgmt) degree from Trinity College Dublin. Jane played many sports in school and up to the age of 25. In school she was successful on hockey, badminton, canoeing, orienteering, cricket and athletics teams. As an adult In particular she loved field hockey playing it at a senior club level and interprovincial junior level.

One of Jane Donald’s main loves is travel with visits and adventures to many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Hong Kong, South Africa, Tunisia, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, USA, Canada, Peru, Bolivia and Caribbean Islands. Jane Donald combines her love of nature, Sacred sites, gardening, adventure, photography and writing on these holidays.

Jane Donald has worked as the Business Manager of The Irish Garden magazine since 1999 to the present. This combines her love of plants, gardening and publishing. Ironically a ten-year struggle to regain her health and well-being has lead to allowing her love of writing, photographing and healing to become work play. In 1999 at the age of 26, Jane Donald’s health collapsed from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a condition known as Post-Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Immune Dysfunction in North America. In a 10 year search she learnt healing techniques to self heal which has now lead to her present work play as a healing facilitator and to the writing and photography of her first book called Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland published in 2010.

Jane Donald has loved nature and living in the countryside all her life. She has always felt a part of nature and most at peace in nature. This is important to her writing, photography and healing work play. Jane Donald has released two new books in 2015 called Heart & Light Berlin and Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland Vol 2. Jane Donald helps facilitate Sacred tours in Ireland and further afield around the world like Peru, Bolivia, Turkey, Canada, USA and the U.K. Working with/hosting other well known International teachers in her field like Lee Carroll/Kryon; Michelle Karen; Cindy Smith;Angela Blaha; Sergio Malqui and Pablo Scornik. In 2019 Jane Donald will help lead a Sacred tour in Ireland in March and one of the Greek islands in Sept/Oct. Big thanks to Maria O’Farrell Carr who organises many of the tours!

Jane Donald’s aspirations now are to keep enjoying country life… Gardening, planting trees and interesting hedges for and with nature. Oh and more travel, writing and photography! And a little swimming and dancing, FUN and LIGHT!!