5 of my Favourite Sacred Places in Ireland

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Places in Ireland Jane Donald

This changes for me on a daily basis but for today here you go! Hope you are enjoying your favourite spots!

1. Rathgall, Co. Carlow

Rath Geal (the white or bright fort), or Ring of the Rath is a large hill fort located between Tullow, Co. Carlow and Shillelagh, Co.Wicklow. Dating from the Bronze age, it has three concentric stone circles with a fourth stone wall dating from the Medieval period at its centre.

It is a blue haze with bluebells on a sunny May day. I love to stand in the very centre and give thanks for all that I feel and experience. My friend the Oak tree on the right handside will know your current life purpose if you care to enquire and listen.

2. Altamont Gardens, Kilbride, Co. Carlow

On the banks of the River Slaney is a paradise for elemental lovers and plant lovers! My favourite tree is the evergreen Oak on the left lawn as you go to the lake, wise old tree! If you find it difficult to ground and be in your body this tree will help! Make a memory then of what it feels like to be grounded and in your body. Then wander around the lake with each tree planted with an artist’s eye to look different but in harmony every day of the year. Magical fairyland on the loop walk through the woodland ice age glen to the River Slaney which is flowing gently at this point of its journey.

3. Ben Bulben, Co. Sligo

Ben Bulben is a large rock which always feels to me like Uluru or Ayers Rock. It seems to me to be a powerful source of light for Northern Europe. I always feel like I am being plugged in to a power source to recharge my batteries when I am in the area. Of course it is amazingly scenic but stop and tune in to the vibration of the rock and allow its light to be your light and raise your vibration to allow you ease, wellbeing and peace.

4. Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

See can you see with your third eye the monks that are still busy in the valley of this old once monastic valley. Be aware that beneath your feet under the soil is naturally occurring crystals which means that if you allow you can receive natural crystal vibrational healing as you wander through the woods, along the rivers and streams and ruins. Make sure to stop and chat with the Old Celtic Cross which is a powerful Ascension symbol of light to the left of the Round Tower on the way to Kevin’s Kitchen. Use the Round Tower to enhance your own self alignment; walk clockwise twice and then anti clockwise twice with this intention in your heart.

5. Clonegal, Co. Carlow

2 places I like to visit are St Fiaac’s Church which is a place for me to visit for stillness in my heart. Some of my ancestors are buried here and it is a beautiful setting surrounded by counties Carlow, Wexford and Wicklow rolling farm land and hills. It seems a timeless place to me where I can be forever young and at one with the wisdom of all ancestors. It is grounded energy which makes it easy for me to be at home in my physical body and allow heart and soul safety. You can experience this yourself as there is a open hearted generous energy here. In Huntington Castle in Clonegal village there is an ancient row of Yew Trees that is awe inspiring to me and easy place to practice meditation especially if you are learning or beginning a new chapter in your life.

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